Sunday, February 10, 2013


We dont have any heavy meal for tonight... Just a cup of coffee..i made it two.. Me n my hubby...bebudak nak minum kopi ? Huh..tak yah offer la... Mmg tak disentuhnya..
During the day, we are at my mum house... Saja lepak-lepak...talking - talking ngan my siblings.. Eating-eating ..added more and more and more calories... Mana taknya..I bwak fruit tart ( but not my hand made it...tempah je ).. Yg duk Sg Buluh bwak Choc Indulgance ( pun bkn dia yg buatnya... )..yg duk Tg Malim lg dasyat..she brought us Melty Hersheys ngan Cheese Cake..ooooolala..memang bertambun2 la our callories...tambah plak pekena ikan patin masak tempoyak dari pahang...huh.. Cannot tell how its feel...
Itu yg malam ni masing masing perut dah buntat..just take some biscuits and coffee...but for the moment that we have one remembered to snap some picture .... Tu yg I just put the picture of my great coffee...ha ha ha

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